Types of Corporate Videos

Types of Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos come in many variations depending on the intended application. Businesses use these videos to pass important information to shareholders, staff and customers. Whoever the intended audience of the corporate video is, it is essential to appreciate the important nature of the quality of corporate video production. High-quality videos are a great tool to use in passing on information about the business. Below we will look at corporate video production aimed at creating promotional videos. More specifically we shall look at the importance of customer testimonial videos.

Customer testimonials are customer depictions of their experience using the product or service offered by the company. Companies rely on customer testimonials to gain vital feedback on the experiences of using their products while at the same time gain marketing value. Since customers are best suited to provide reviews on the products they purchase, they provide an essential source of feedback. Corporate video production has used this to make useful promotional videos.

Promotional videos can incorporate customer testimonials as a way of convincing the targeted audience of the effectiveness of the product offered and credibility of the business. Customers are highly critical of new products offered to them; they prefer to use products they already know. When the targeted market is relatively new to the product being marketed, it is essential to get some satisfied customers to give their account of the product experience. This works to reassure the target market of the credibility of the product claims and the business itself.

Customer testimonials can also be important in providing valuable feedback to the business owner. Since the result of corporate video production can be used in passing information to your staff, customer testimonials provide great feedback on the services offered by the business. Vital gaps in customer experience and business promises can be easily spotted in customer testimonial videos.

When making a customer testimonial video the most important question is who to use in the corporate video production process. In this case, it is important to remember that a customer testimonial is essentially word of mouth marketing. It is a customer recommending a product to other potential customers in light of their positive experience using the product. It is vital that you pick the right customer to give the customer testimonial. Here you will have to first source a customer who can verify your organisation’s credibility and is willing to give an account of their positive experience with your product.

Testimonial videos do not have to focus on the customer but can also be provided by other parties or businesses that deal with your business. These can provide a statement that works to reinforce your business integrity and credibility. Corporate video production can be essential in converting this testimony into media that is visually and emotionally captivating for the best effect on the target audience.


Type of Custom-Made Videos for Businesses

With the advances in technology, businesses have a freedom to create videos for various purposes, viz. marketing, training, and communications purposes. They embrace the corporate video production for the benefits of their companies. Videos are more sharable than the content online. The benefits of sharing videos via social media platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and others are common to all business owners. Perhaps little knowledge results in the types of videos for businesses.

There are plenty of custom-made videos for businesses. As aforementioned, the business owner can decide whether to use them for marketing, training or communication purposes. Either way, corporate video production is effective in the business. Products are marketed with ease by using promotional videos, and the business communicates efficiently with staff, shareholders, or customers. Have a look on the types of videos for businesses mentioned below:

1). Product demonstration corporate video production

Introducing products online without a video may seem foreign to customers. Therefore, a need for product presentation video need not be overlooked. Customers want demo to see how the product works; what are its features; and how is it going to solve their problems, if any. It is more likened to a physical store where a customer will be inquisitive upon seeing a new product on-shelf. This corporate video production may help the business generate more income because the more customers know how the product works it is, the more they give it a chance.

2). Promotional video for business

This corporate video production is almost identical to product presentation. Product presentation basically focuses on introducing a new product on the market. Promotional videos, on the other hand, replace sales letters and images used in content sharing. With the visual appeal provided by the videos, businesses can promote their products and services to a large customer base than with content.

3). Video podcasts

Video podcasts also play a significant role in the business. They help reach more audience than content does in any presentation. They can be embedded on blogs for more virality.

4). Corporate overview video

Go green and save paper by producing corporate overview video that tells visitors to your website about the products and services offered. This corporate video production is aimed at informing target audience about the history of the company, the hierarchical management levels, main products, business operations or divisions. It plays a huge role in brand promotion. Customers are more interested to know about the company before engaging in business with it.

5). Testimonial videos

A corporate video production featuring customers that share their testimonials about the products is very effective in inviting prospective customers. The marketers can capture a customer willing to share positive feedback on the video.

These are a few yet effective videos selected among many types of videos for businesses. It depends solely on the business’s main objective to choose a specific video.